Our Products

Hay Options

You will find an amazing variety of hay year round! We have Alfalfa, Grass blends, Straw, Orchard Grass, Bermuda, Wheat, & Oat. Great horse quality hay! You can also find a large variety of pellets, & Cubes. Corn, Oats, Barley & pasture mixes too.

Livestock Show Feed

4-H & FFA members are always welcome here, we offer a 10% discount off show feeds all year round. You can find many options of showfeed, supplements, grooming supply, & fair day essentials here. All species are covered!

Equine Feed

We can meet all your horses nutritional needs! Senior, Mare, Foal, Maintenance,& Performance diets are all here! Triple Crown, Equine advantage, & Stable Mix are some brands you can find here.

Small Animal

 Everything you need for your furry friends can be found! Rabbit, dog &cat food, flea prevention, premise treatments, collars, leashes, feeders, dewormers. Diamond, Taste of the wild, Penny Newman are some brands we stock!


We have Blocks, Bricks, or Loose salt & minerals for everyone on the farm! We carry a TON of Livestock show supplements. Supplement tubs for cattle, & horses. Probiotics, joint care, hoof care, skin care,animal milk, electrolytes,& colostrum are here too! 


Come check out our tack wall! We are pretty proud of it since we built it ourselves! Cinches, saddle blankets, saddle pads, curb straps, bell boots, polo wraps, fly masks, halters, lead ropes, turnout blankets, Ropes, & cowboy hats can all be found here!

Farm Supply

Stock water tanks & floats of any size! We have everything from fly spray, anitbiotics, dewormers, premise sprays, ointments, wound care sprays, ointments, pest control, hoof nippers, nest boxes, automatic waterers, wood shavings, bedding pellets, fence pliers, pallets, buckets, carts, duraforks, net feeders, feeders, grooming tools & products.

Poultry, Bird & Gamebirds

Well we don't want to brag but pretty sure we have the largest variety of chicks, ducks, geese, peachicks guinea hens, & turkeys in the valley from Feb-Sept. Here you can find anything you would possibly need to feed and start them out right, and keep on going! You will also find a great selection of bird feeds!

We have a very friendly, well educated staff that will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have!